Forgotten Field

Forgotten Field is an apt name for the lovely little meadow at the end of Graham and Brenda Gough’s farm at The Park, Martletwy. This has escaped the plough, fertilizer applications and drainage works and, as a result, is a rare relict of the kind of old grassland that once would have been common-place on the Pembrokeshire coalfield. We sometimes get a late harvest of seed from the dry part of the field here, rich in grasses and wildflowers. This would be especially suitable for meadow restoration projects on neutral soils, where soil fertility has dropped but wildflowers have yet to appear in strength. We also get a small amount of seed from the damp area, rich in whorled caraway and various sedges, which would be appropriate for wet grassland restoration projects.

Beaked Hawksbeard
Bulbous Buttercup
Carnation Sedge
Common Bent Grass
Common Bird’s-foot Trefoil
Common Mouse-ear
Common Sedge
Common Sorrel
Crested Dog’s-tail
Cuckoo Flower
Devil’s-bit Scabious
Early Purple Orchid
Field Woodrush
Germander Speedwell
Greater Bird’s-foot Trefoil
Heath Grass
Heath Woodrush
Lesser Knapweed
Lesser Stitchwort
Lesser Trefoil
Marsh Bedstraw
Marsh Pennywort
Mat Grass
Meadow Buttercup
Meadow Foxtail
Oval Sedge
Ox-eye Daisy
Perennial Rye-grass
Pill Sedge
Purple Moor-grass
Quaking Oat Grass
Ragged Robin
Red Clover
Red Fescue
Ribwort Plantain
Rough Hawkbit
Sharp-flowered Rush
Soft Brome
Southern Marsh Orchid
Spring Sedge
Star Sedge
Sweet Vernal Grass
Tufted Vetch
Velvet Bent Grass
White Clover
Whorled Caraway
Wild Angelica
Yellow Rattle
Yorkshire Fog