Wildflower Meadow Seed

We’re able to harvest ripe seed from a couple of acres of our own wildflower meadows each year as well as those of some other fine meadows in south and west Wales. We offer this Welsh wildflower meadow seed for sale to conservation organisations or individuals wishing to recreate their own wild meadows. If you need meadow seed for a project in Wales please get in touch. Advance orders (before July) are more likely to be fulfilled.

We have a brush-harvester and are sometimes able to offer a mobile seed collection service if you wish to harvest seed from your own meadows, wetlands or heathlands. Please contact us if you have a conservation project in west Wales that you’d like help with.

Hand-picked yellow rattle seed           £175 per kg / £27 per 100g

We, and our harvest sites, are taking a well-earned break from harvesting this summer so we will not have seed mixes available for sale later in 2023. Hand-picked yellow rattle seed will be available to purchase. A small amount of our 2022 harvest is available at discounted prices.

Wildflower Meadow seed mix             £44 per kg (£50 per kg from Plantlife Coronation Meadows)
(FERA licence number 7438)                 £18 per 250g bag

(all prices are plus delivery; yellow rattle seed is plus VAT)

We are experienced grassland ecologists and can also advise and help design your project

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Hand-held seed harvester