We keep around twenty beehives in an apiary among the brambles, and a few more in a good warm spot against the south-facing wall of a barn. The honey they produce is a magical blend of hawthorn, bramble, knapweed, thistle and many other plants. We also have a few hives in a couple of other local conservation sites.

The honey is cold-filtered, raw and full of goodness.

The customers we keep happy have been very kind with their comments – “honey like it used to taste”, “wonderfully complex flavours”, “top quality” (an ex-buyer for Rowse honey) and “the nicest honey I’ve ever had” (a Pembrokeshire woman in her 80’s).

Honey (1lb jar)      £6 per jar  (collection or local delivery only)

Beeswax              £1.50 per 30g bar

If you’d like to have a taste but don’t come to the south of the county then look out for our honey in C & M Organics, Happy Planet Green Store in Narberth, and Wholefoods of Newport .