Blaencleddau Farm


Val and Eddie Kirby look after these hay meadows in the shadow of Foel Drygarn. Seed from here would be suitable for neutral to acid soils in west Wales, and it’ll be composed of some or all of the  species listed below. Those marked in bold are likely to form the bulk of the mix. The abundance of yellow rattle and eyebright makes it particularly suitable for meadow creation projects in the early stages, as both these plants steal nutrients from the roots of grasses, allowing the wildflowers in the meadow to flourish.



Yellow Rattle                                                        Eyebright
Red Clover                                                            Crested Dog’s Tail
White Clover                                                        Sweet Vernal Grass
Common Sorrel                                                   Common Bent Grass
Meadow Buttercup                                             Red Fescue
Ribwort Plantain                                                 Yorkshire Fog
Self Heal                                                   Cock’s-foot
Hop Trefoil                                                 Perennial Rye Grass
Tufted Vetch                                              Meadow Brome
Germander Speedwell
Cat’s Ear
Smooth Hawksbeard
Field Forget-Me-Not
Lesser Knapweed
Cuckoo Flower
Burnet Saxifrage
Germander Speedwell
Lesser Stitchwort