We keep around twenty beehives in an apiary among the brambles. They’re given plenty of space, the occasional spring-clean and health check, but are pretty much left to get on with it. The honey they produce is a magical blend of hawthorn, bramble, knapweed, thistle and many other plants.

By the time the bees have been left a generous share, our boys have had their bucketful and we’ve bartered a load for spuds and the like, we don’t always have a huge surplus for sale. The customers we do manage to keep happy have been very kind with their comments though – “honey like it used to taste”, “wonderfully complex flavours”, “top quality” (an ex-buyer for Rowse honey) and “the nicest honey I’ve ever had” (a Pembrokeshire woman in her 80’s).


Honey (1lb jar)      £5 per jar  (collection or local delivery only)

Beeswax              £1.50 per 30g bar

If you’d like to have a taste but don’t come to the south of the county then look out for our honey in Wholefoods of Newport and Happy Planet Green Store in Narberth.

We’re also usually able to collect honeybee swarms in Pembrokeshire (between April and June). Call Matt on 07870 515942