Pen-y-Bryn, Lampeter

The new ‘Coronation Meadow’ for Carmarthenshire, being restored with seed from the nearby Plantlife reserve at Cae Blaen Dyffryn. Although the butterfly orchids are yet to appear, there is a spectacular abundance of yellow rattle and eyebright – both ideal species for early-stage restoration projects. Knapweed, red clover and greater bird’s-foot trefoil are also abundant in this bumble-bee friendly mixture for acid-neutral soils.




Eyebright                                                  Yellow Rattle
Red Clover                                                            Crested Dog’s Tail
White Clover                                                        Sweet Vernal Grass
Common Sorrel                                                   Common Bent Grass
Meadow Buttercup                                             Red Fescue
Ribwort Plantain                                                 Yorkshire Fog
Self Heal                                                   Cock’s-foot
Lesser Trefoil                                              Perennial Rye Grass
Tufted Vetch                                              Daisy
Germander Speedwell                                   Yarrow
Cat’s Ear                                                   Common Mouse-ear
Autumn Hawkbit                                         Dandelion
Changing Forget-Me-Not                              Ox-eye Daisy
Lesser Knapweed                                        Bulbous Buttercup
Cuckoo Flower                                            Creeping Buttercup
Bird’s-foot Trefoil